J. Anthony Cookson

Assistant Professor of Finance
University of Colorado
Leeds School of Business


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I am an Assistant Professor of Finance in the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado -- Boulder.  My fields of specialization are Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization, Household Finance, and Applied Microeconomics. My corporate finance research investigates the determinants of entry, competition, investment, merger activity, and the real effects of finance.  I also have an emerging interest in household finance, especially as it relates to gambling decisions and risky behavior.  For more on my research (including published research and working papers), see my research section or my CV.


Updates (since Summer 2014)

For more detail, see the research section or my SSRN author page.  Updated: 13 May 2015.


Upcoming invited presentations (* denotes co-author):

When Saving is Gambling: NBER-SI, Household Finance (Cambridge, MA; July 17-18); UBC Summer Conference (Vancouver, BC; July 30-Aug 1), University of Oregon Summer Conference (Eugene, OR; Aug 2-4); Helsinki Finance Summit (Helsinki, Finland; Aug 17-18); European Finance Association (Vienna, Austria; Aug 19-22); Northern Finance Association (Lake Louise, Alberta; Sep 18-20).

Law and Finance MatterSan Francisco Fed Day Ahead Conference* (June 26); NBER-SI, Development of the American Economy* (July 6-9); 2015 FMA* (Orlando, FL), 2016 American Finance Association (San Francisco, CA).

Summer 2015:

  • I am teaching a section of Quantitative Methods (MSBC 5030) and a section of Managerial Economics (MSBC 5015) at University of Colorado - Boulder.
  • My paper The Determinants of Bank Mergers was accepted for publication at Management Science.
  • I presented When Saving is Gambling at the Israel Behavioral Finance Conference (Tel Aviv, Israel; May 19-20).
  • I presented Law and Finance Matter at the 2015 FIRS Conference (Reykjavik, Iceland; May 24-27)
  • I presented When Saving is Gambling at the Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making (Boulder, CO; May 31-June 2).
  • I presented Endogenous Matching, Underwriter Reputation, and the Underpricing of IPOs at the London Business School Summer Finance Symposium (London, England; June 15-16).  
  • My paper Law and Finance Matter was presented by a co-author at the 2015 Annual Banking Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE; Mexico City; June 15-16).
Spring 2015:
  • I am teaching one section of Investments and Portfolio Analysis (FNCE 4030) at University of Colorado - Boulder.
  • I presented my paper Anticipated Entry and Entry Deterrence: Evidence from the American Casino Industry at the 2015 American Economic Association Conference in Boston, Mass. (January 3-5, 2015).
  • I presented my paper When Saving is Gambling at Colorado State University on February 27th.
  • My paper Does Law and Finance Matter? was presented (by a co-author) at the Midwest Finance Association in Chicago, IL (March 5-7, 2015).
  • My paper When Saving is Gambling won The Talk of the Town Award for its presentation at at the Finance Down Under Conference in Melbourne, Australia (March 4-7, 2015).
  • I presented my paper When Saving is Gambling at University of Nevada - Las Vegas on March 13th.

Fall 2014:

  • I gave research seminars at Montana State (When Saving is Gambling; Oct 20), Cleveland Federal Reserve (When Saving is Gambling; Oct 28), and University of Pittsburgh (Does Law and Finance Matter? Oct 29).
  • I presented my paper Leverage and Preemption: Evidence from Entry Plans and Incumbent Investments at the 11th Annual  Washington University Conference on Corporate Finance in St. Louis, MO (November 6-8, 2014).
  • I attended the Conference on Financial Economics and Accounting in Atlanta, GA (November 14-15, 2014) where I presented Determinants of Bank Mergers, and my co-author presented Does Law and Finance Matter?
  • I presented my paper Does Law and Finance Matter? at the Entrepreneurial Finance And Innovation Conference in Boston, MA (November 16, 2014).
  • I presented my paper Leverage and Preemption at the 2nd Finance, Organizations, and Markets Conference in Los Angeles, CA (December 11-12, 2014).
  • I attended the Financial Research Association Conference in Las Vegas, NV (December 13-14, 2014).

Summer 2014:

  • I presented my paper Leverage and Preemption: Evidence from Entry Plans and Incumbent Investments at the 2014 European Finance Association Conference in Lugano, Switzerland (August 27-30, 2014)
  • I presented my paper Economic Consequences of Judicial Institutions at the 2nd Annual Institutions, Trade, and Economic Development Workshop in Eugene Oregon, held on August 12-14, 2014.
  • I attended the 2014 European Symposium on Financial Markets in Gerzensee, Switzerland (July 20- 25, 2014, Corporate Finance Week), where I presented Endogenous Matching, Underwriter Reputation and the Underpricing of IPOs (with Oktay Akkus and Ali Hortacsu) on the informal evening program.
  • I presented my paper Economic Consequences of Judicial Institutions at the 18th annual International Society of New Institutional Economics (ISNIE) Conference (Panel Discussion on Law and Economics and Ronald Coase, organized by the Ronald Coase Institute), held on June 19-21, 2014.  Action Shot.
  • I presented my paper Leverage and Preemption: Evidence from Entry Plans and Incumbent Investments at the 2014 Western Finance Association Conference in Monterey Bay (June 15-18, 2014)